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How To

On this page, you will find explanations on How to ask a good question and How to use the ZEISS Quality Suite Forum and, especially, on how to create new topics and adjust your personal settings. You will get some hints, too.

How to use the ZEISS Quality Suite Forum
No registration is required to read and search in the forum. You can search for topics or keywords in the text box on the top right corner. There, you have different options to adjust your search settings as well. You will receive more options after the login.

How to log in to the ZEISS Quality Suite Forum
On the top right corner, you have the possibility to log in with a ZEISS ID as central access point. If you don’t have a ZEISS ID yet, you can sign up there as well.

How can I see that I’m logged in?
You can see that your login was successful if your name appears in the top right corner.

Which language is preferred in the ZEISS Quality Suite Forum?
The ZEISS Quality Suite Forum is an international platform to exchange your experiences with and knowledge of Zeiss Quality Suite products all over the world. Therefore, we prefer posts in English. Topics in German are possible, too. Content in a different language cannot be moderated. These topics will be deleted.

How to search
First of all, you can go through the relevant forum type and check the threads for a similar topic. If you have a specific keyword or a common topic, you can use the search function. You find the search text box in the top right corner. While clicking on the text box, more functionalities will show up for a more specific search. If you have not found an existing topic in here, you are invited to contribute your topic.

You can edit reading settings: Via “Settings” and “Content View Behavior”, it is possible to define the position where content is opened, for example, at the beginning or at the position you last read.

How to start a new topic
You need to be logged in with your ZEISS ID to start a new topic. If you are on the main page, click on the “Start new topic” button. Select the forum your topic belongs to. If you are already in a relevant forum, you can click on the “Start new topic” button on the forum page and skip the previously needed selection. For the creation, there is a rich text format editor with several formatting options, and you can add necessary attachments as well.

Before you create a new topic, please consider to look for a solution in the Tech Guide or the Training Center or the manuals as well.
If you have a support question or a hardware defect, please contact your local Metrology Partner.

How to ask a good question
Be specific.
Include the product your topic is dealing with, for example, the sensor type, software and software version.
Here is an example to start with:
I am using the ATOS Q sensor and want to scan with the free version of the ZEISS Inspect in the guidance mode …
Describe the issue and include any detail that is relevant to know. Add pictures, source codes or other attachments for a better understanding of your topic.
If you have done any troubleshooting steps already, please list them.

How can I respond to a topic?
You need to be logged in to reply.
In each thread, there is the possibility to respond by sending a new comment.
You can add a comment by replying to this topic.

If you want your response to refer to one or several comments, select the comment to refer to by clicking “Quote” or “MultiQuote”.

How can I keep myself up to date?
It is possible to follow single topics, certain forums and users. Go to the item you want to follow, for example, the “General Discussion” forum. The “Follow” button can be found on the right in the header of the item. For general settings of the followed content, select your user profile in the top right corner and adapt it to your needs via “Manage Followed Content”.

Where do I get notifications about my followed content?
Two types of notifications are available: notifications that are shown with the next login at the bell next to your user profile inside the forum or notifications via email. To edit the notification settings, select your user profile in the top right corner and go to “Account Settings”, “Notification Settings”.

If you refuse to get notifications and switch them all off, the “Unread Content” tab below the text box for the search will show you the content you have not yet read. Some filter settings can be applied here as well.

Why are there some forums marked bold when I log in to the forum?
Forums marked bold contain new entries that you have not read since the last login.

You can mark all content as read. You find the function below the text box for the search.

What about the terms and conditions of the ZEISS Quality Suite Forum?
The ZEISS Quality Suite Forum gives you the possibility to discuss different topics concerning ZEISS products with other ZEISS users. ZEISS is interested in lively discussions. For the interest of all users, we do have terms and conditions for using this forum. Therefore, please read the Guidelines.

How can I report misusage of the ZEISS Quality Suite Forum?
If you feel that a posted message is objectionable, we encourage you to select the post and click “Report” to report the post to the forum moderators.

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