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Export 2-curves continuous distance data


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It's not as easy as it should be.

"FILE -> Export -> Stage Data -> CSV..." should do it for most checks, but it's not working for section/curve-based checks.

You can export from diagram by "Export Diagram Contents".


But this only works for a single stage even when you have activated "Trajectory: Display" in the "Display" pane in the "Properties" tab.
So you can loop through the stages and export every stage separately.

When you do it by script anyway, you can also use the attached script (NumPy is required) to get section based result values for all stages as a NumPy array.
This NumPy array can be exported to *.csv easily by

numpy.savetxt ("filepath.csv", values, delimiter = ",")

Well the curve length is missing in this case - so the getElementValues function must be adapted a little bit.

To get NumPy in GOM Software 2019 run "SCRIPTING -> Script Choice -> Tools -> Install Python Package".
To get NumPy in GOM Software 2020 install the PythonBase package from https://connect.gom.com


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