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Fitted Circle On Points


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To determine radius of circle defined by more then 3 points. Just like a tactile measurement, fitting a circle on multiple points.


The points are not located on CAD. The points are the centers of inscribed circles like in attached example.


I have no idea how to continue. I could fit a curve but got stranded from there. I am new to GOM.

Other options: determine radius center small circles to center of object.



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Hello Vincent,

to construct a circle out of the center points of other circles (or any elements which return a point like a sphere), select them all in the explorer and then RMB -> select all points of element. Red crosses will appear on the circle's centers. Then go to construct -> circle -> fitting circle in the menu. The measuring principle is "referenced construction" in this case: the actual element will be constructed with the centers of the actual circles.

In the video, I select them by dragging a rectangle with STRG+mouse:



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Wonderful: big circle is created.


When using RMG some unwanted elements were included. For other users make sure only to select circles. Method also works when selecting:  fitting circle first and then select circles with RMB.


Many thanks!!!

Circle From Points.jpg

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