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(Help Needed) Creating intersection point from 2 curves.


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Good morning, my name is Victor and I'm a Test Technician in the I+D dept.    I'm using Gom Inspect Pro and Gom Volume Pro from 2 weeks ago aprox.

I have some doubts in how to create one point from the intersection of two curves.
I tried this:

I created a section in the CAD in witch the two curves are intersected.
I tried to construct a Curve and a Surface (Construct menu) and all the possible options of both sub-menus.

I would like to see the distance in X - Axis between both points.

(See attached images)

I don't know how many ways are to continue/proceed. I'm stuck.
I'll appreciate any type of explanation or comment trying to give me instructions or any idea.

Thanks. 👍



Zone A.JPG

Zone B.JPG


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as far as I know you can't calculate an intersection point between curves, background: 3d curves will usually not intersect especially not on measured data.

You can try to calculate the intersection between a curve and an element with a surface, e.g. a plane or for a 2d case you should be able to calculate the intersection between a line and a curve.

But for your sketched application it could be much easier: Create two touch points with disc in the particular sketched area. You can use the touch point disc even on nominal curves and apply a referenced construction. Then you have an access to "corner points" and you can easily create a distance between these points.

Hope this helps?!



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