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Training course missing: 599 GOM Scripting


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Hello Tim,

this training course is still available. I think you have to purchase it first, therefore it is locked. It's a paid course.


Best regards,


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That doesn't fully explain why the link errors out when you click on it. Try for yourself.....Click the link and see how far you get.

I work for a company that has the professional license and we run 2 CT scanners.

How can I get access to this course?



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Tim , ill try to help ...

1. You would need to associate the pro dongle serial number with your my gom account , the course should then at least be visible/no error

2.  It is a paid course , regardless if you are in support/ have a pro licence 

3. I would strongly recommend doing some exploration in the python ide by yourself and get a good foundation of knowledge before paying for anything.  The thing i would ask is what are you looking to achieve?  The course wont teach you how to code , it will help get more information of some specifics of python in gom software.

I hope this helps

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Hi james,

1 & 2) I'll ask the lead QC guy at our company to see if he can login and view this and see what the cost it.

3) I am not a coder, but can handle poking around and slowly building out code that could do something simple like 'Auto-printing'.  I have spent maybe like 10 hours watching some coding videos and another 5 playing around and I was able to Auto print a pdf at home in pycharm and in Microsoft Visual Studio.  BUT when I opened up the scripting environment inside GOM at work I started trembling in fear. The entire tree on the left and vast amount of code that made no sense put me in my place.

I wanted to watch what I thought was a free course on how the tree on the left and everything was laid out to get a 10,000 ft view of what was going on. That was my goal for watching the course. I can handle being confused if I learn how the system is laid out.

I'll probably continue some slow code learning videos and self exploration, but at the moment I want to do these things:

1) Auto print a pdf that was created and exported into a folder(it's not a simple windows folder so I know that is an issue as well, its a document management folder type deal, probably adds a healthy layer of expert knowledge I'm assuming, I'm prepared for the brain damage)

2) I want to enter an inspectors name at 7am and never have to enter that in again until the next inspector arrives at 4pm, something like a separate program that asks who is at the computer and each program requests that variable to auto populate it on reports

3) I'd like to reduce the amount of times we enter in a product #. We have identifiers that are long and make no sense, then we have to enter in the data again shortened. I wrote the below code to shorten it for auto populating it into the fields.


#The goal of this script is to extrapolate the shorter item # from the long copied one
#This will remove the need to enter in a 2nd item # using backspaces, the variable 'item_short' can be piped into the appropriate field_name
#For instance Item # long is copies as Item-12345 {1}{2}-(985-654)
#Item short will reduce it down

item_long = input('Enter Item # please: ')
import re
item_short = re.split(' |-', item_long)[1]
print('The long item # data entry was: ', item_long)
item_short = 'Item-' + item_short
print('The short item # is: ', item_short)
wait = input("Press Enter to continue.")


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Tim, i think you said you had ct systems? All 3 of the use cases you give are more in the robotic automation realm.   In manual/semi automated situations i think particularly 2/3 would be tough to achieve in exactly the way you describe.


1.  Sort fundamentals out to export into a standard windows folder first.  If its something special reading a few python forums may help understand the possibilities

2.Operators names in a dialogue drop down list would be much easier.  I think particularly the ask of time based pulling from something external is very tough.

3. Do you use barcode scanners as they can act as a keyboard.   The rest of the intent and the basis of your code is a reasonable use case.


I can imagine one dialogue box handling both serial number and operator inputs.

The rest of the code would the deal with parsing to keywords for access in scripts

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How do I associate one of our pro dongle serial numbers with my gom account? I made my gom account without ever doing that. I remember I used to be able to click "start course," but now when I do I also get the page error (note that I have never purchased the course before, but I would like to now).

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