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Stage Inspection in assemblies


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Hello GOM team,

i have been trying to import stage inspections into one GOM assembly Project but was not able to do so successfully. I have got a project with multiple PARTS where i would like to insert a multiple scans for each STAGE.

I am able to insert the scans only into one (Insert as a NEW stage) and it is working.

IF I select insert New Stage to Different part, it will start inserting the scans into the selected part BUT it adds scans behind the already inserted scans (which are not there for PART 2, these are there just for PART 1)

I am attaching a scheme I would like to use:

Part 1 contains stage scans

I would like to insert part 2 scans and i would expect it will be in the same position as a scans in Part 1 but it imports the scans behind the STAGEs of PART one.


I would like to use this approach to show how the parts are interfering (align scan of PART 1 per PART 1 features, scan of PART 2 per PART 2 features). Then when switching the visibility of PART 1 SCAN and PART 2 SCAN would show me how the ACTUAL parts are facing against each other.



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you can try the following workflow:

  • Load your project with multiple parts
  • Import first mesh for one part as new stage
  • Import second mesh into the Clipboard and then choose 'Replace data' in the second part
    • Continue with the other parts for the same stage
  • For the next stage and the first part choose the option 'New stage' again

Hope this helps?!



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