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Running a simple python program using GOM IDE


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I have little knowledge of Python, but I am learning. I need to do something simple, but when I test a program out in GOM's IDE workspace it just stalls out inside the program.

For example....I wrote this quick program


user_name = input('Enter User Name: ')


wait = input('Press Enter to Continue')


What happens is when I right click and select > Run the program puts 'Enter User Name' in the bottom pane window, but the curser just circles and the program does not let me enter in my name?  If I run the program in the command prompt it works.


Any help is appreciated....thanks.

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I dont know if GOM's interface will let you input responses like that. You can try using a dialog box that will prompt the user to input a value-

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import gom

def input_box(prompt=''):
	input=gom.script.sys.create_user_defined_dialog (content='<dialog>' \
	'<title>*</title>' \
	'<control id="Close"/>' \
	'<position>center</position>' \
	'<sizemode>fixed</sizemode>' \
	'<size width="350" height="100"/>' \
	'<content columns="1" rows="2">' \
	'<widget rowspan="1" row="0" type="label" columnspan="1" column="0">' \
	'<name>prompt</name>' \
	'<tooltip></tooltip>' \
	'<text></text>' \
	'<word_wrap>false</word_wrap>' \
	'</widget>' \
	'<widget rowspan="1" row="1" type="input::string" columnspan="1" column="0">' \
	'<name>input_text</name>' \
	'<tooltip></tooltip>' \
	'<value></value>' \
	'<read_only>false</read_only>' \
	'</widget>' \
	'</content>' \
	input.prompt.text = prompt
	return input.input_text.value

user_name = input_box('Enter User Name:')



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