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Scripting - Dialogue boxes and variables


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     Quite happily scripting away but I want to display a variable in a dialogue box.

For example....


Point {variable} is not computed!

   <OK>     <CANCEL>


Is this possible?

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Here is a simple message box that you can pass a variable to. Clicking "Ok" returns None, and "Cancel" exits the script

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import gom

def message_box(message=''):
	dialog=gom.script.sys.create_user_defined_dialog (content='<dialog>' \
	'<title>*</title>' \
	'<control id="OkCancel"/>' \
	'<position>automatic</position>' \
	'<sizemode>fixed</sizemode>' \
	'<size width="300" height="300"/>' \
	'<content rows="1" columns="1">' \
	'<widget rowspan="1" columnspan="1" type="display::text" row="0" column="0">' \
	'<name>message</name>' \
	'<tooltip></tooltip>' \
	'<text></text>' \
	'<wordwrap>true</wordwrap>' \
	'</widget>' \
	'</content>' \
	dialog.message.text = message
	gom.script.sys.show_user_defined_dialog (dialog=dialog)
	return dialog.result.message

if __name__ == '__main__':
	#your code goes here
	print(message_box('hello world!'))


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Thanks Robert, i will give that a try.

I had been trying to use the 'Insert-Dialog' function in the script editor then using 'insert expression' function. Everything looked great but when my script runs I just get "Unknown Keyword" displayed on my dialogue box.
I know my variable is declared.... I even printed it to the immediate window..... so a little confused.


I will re-visit it tomorrow with fresh eyes.....

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