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Reducing file size of Aramis measurements


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Does anyone know if it's possible to reduce the filesize of a project? We are storing every measurement we are doing, and 8gb per project ends up with quite alot of data to store. 

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Hi Fredrik,

currently you have only two opportunities to reduce the size of your project. 

Before the measurement: How do i have to measure to prevent unnecessary stages?
- Maybe use the ring buffer element
- Reduce my frame rate
- if possible to use the input from external machines/equipment to trigger your measurement to be more accurate in the specific sequences of your measurement. (depends on your measurement task)

After the measurement: Can i delete unnecessary stages?
- Delete stages you don't need. 

The size of your project is mainly based on your amount of images. Just a short calculation as an example.
You have a stereo system with 12M cameras. (1M ≈ 1Mb)

1 Stage = 2 x 12M images = 2 x 12Mb = 24 Mb 
100 Stages = 2400 MB = 2,4Gb

The SW department is working on a solution which may be implemented in ARAMIS 21. 

Greetings, Ivan


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In addition to what

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 mentioned you can delete all images but keep all elements in all stages created from these images. You can do further evaluation on these elements but not edit them anymore neither create new image based elements nor look at the images (e.g. to check pattern quality) or use the overlay...

This feature is available at: EDIT -> Reduce Project Size... -> 3rd option.

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