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FOG/Condensation forming on the lens of ATOS 5 System


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Hello All .

We have a ATOS 5 System in our reverse engineering Lab. After warming up the ATOS 5 systems the FOG is forming in the lens .

  • Room Temperature - 23 Degree Celsius
  • Closed Door Type Room  
  • In summer it more frequently happening 
  • FOG is happening on left lens more ( On right lens it happening but he rate is slow ) 

Every time i have to clean the lenses to before taking measurements. Also if i removed the lenses too frequently the system started to show calibration error  .

Then i need to calibrate the lenses again . It does not end here , during calibration also the fog is forming which make it difficult to calibrate .

Its real issue for us .Need insight with forum member & GOM people , why this is happening .

  1. Anybody who is using ATOS system have observed this issues in the past ?
  2. It may be  happening because of internal heat management system of the device itself ? 
  3. Or it may be happening because  of the external environmental factors ( such as room temp, humidity etc. in the room) 

Any suggestion or workaround in this regard would be really appreciated in this 

Thanks in advance.



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Hey, a couple of things

1. If you remove the lens covers then you should always recalibrate your system afterwards - they are part of the optic chain

2. I have seen condensation in lens covers before , but in a more exposed environment.  i can only guess the room you are in is humid. However , there was a solution from the hardware support team. I would suggest you contact gom hardware support through your distributor.

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