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Displaying / Extracting Mesh Point IDs in GOM Inspect


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Hi Everyone,

I am working on a project, where it would be beneficial to work with the mesh points directly at the boundary of the specimen. Out of the xml files of the surface components I get a list of specific values (for example xy strain) for every mesh point. The problem is, that I do not know what IDs belong to the points on the boundary.
The question is wheter or not it is possible in GOM Inspect to select specific mesh points and then show or even better extract their IDs?

Many Thanks in advance

Fabian Pelzer

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Hi Fabian,
idea: create a surface component region including only the outermost points and export the region only.
Show component -> use 3d selection tools to select only the outermost ring: select all - decrease selection one step - invert selection -> create region -> export region



Do not be confused that region is not shown in 3d: you only selected the outermost ring and thus no triangles could be shown/rendered. 😉
Hope this helps.

Best, Thorsten

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