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Error while using "Try and Except" for Exposure Setting.


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I am trying to change exposure settings via python script, but if there is a error while calculating the exposure time. The script should give the error in output console/box "try & expect:"


Case 1 :

When using "Exposure Mode : Automatic from reference points" via "Try & Expect method"

The script is working properly and showing error in output box.


Case 2:

When using "Exposure Mode : Automatic by Matrix or Spot" via "Try & Expect method"

The script is stopping abruptly and showing a popup ERROR message.

As both error messages are same, then why one message is appearing in output box and other as popup Error message.


Case 1: -

import gom

	gom.script.atos.set_parameters_for_new_measurements (automatic_exposure_time_mode='reference_points')

	gom.script.atos.use_automatic_exposure_time_once_spot (camera='right_camera',coordinate=gom.Vec2d (1226.643629, 1025.0),radius=227,restrict_number_of_exposure_times=2)

except Exception as error:
	print("Exposure Mode : Automatic from reference points")


Case 1: - Output :

Exposure Mode : Automatic from reference points
FG-0014: Cannot compute the automatic exposure time.

The computations contain an error.


Case 2: -

import gom

	gom.script.atos.set_parameters_for_new_measurements (automatic_exposure_time_mode='matrix')

	gom.interactive.atos.adjust_live_image_brightness ()
except Exception as error:
	print("Exposure Mode : Automatic by Matrix")

Case 2: - Output :




Thank you in advance

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