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problem with exporting report pages and tables


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Hello everyone,

I have a project which includes four stages to recalculate. After calculating all inspection elements and report pages, i  want to export .pdf for individual stages. However, script gives an error which says the command is not active.

Same applies for the tables when try to export.But when i check,  all inspection elements recalculated properly in different stages.

What could be the reason of the problem ? Is the problem related with recalculation of different stages through script or command that i choose?


The following command is not active: table.export_table_contents

for a in range (0,len(mesh_checklist)):

            gom.script.sys.show_stage (stage=gom.app.project.stages[mesh_checklist[a][:index]])

            gom.script.report.export_pdf (

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Encountering a similar issue when trying to export pdf through a script. Specifically says this line " jpeg_quality_in_percent=100)" that is the reason for the unable to export pdf error. If anyone knows what could be the cause would be greatly appreciated. 

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you can print the .__doc__ string for more information on the function

I've also attached a screen grab of a script that exports PDF with 'custom' quality parameters. I think something with JPG Quality 97 & DPI of 275 works nice. 

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