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How to fill holes with bad scan quality


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I am trying to use GOM Inspect to repair scan errors - in this case particularly holes that have incomplete radial surfaces.


To get a closed volume model my goal is to close them like seen on the next picture. I want to keep the basic shape of the hole.



If I use the "close holes" feature, it does a bad job because too much information is missing:



So my next idea was: create a Gauß Best Fit cylinder by using the existing scanned cylinder and combine this new cylinder object with the scanned data.
I triangulated the cylinder to get a mesh object - but I did not find any solution to close the holes between both objects now.
Is there any? How?



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I try to give you some hints, may be they work out for you, otherwise you have to contact the professional support with your concrete data if they can give you further advice.

My steps would be(guessed from the images):

  • Create a fitting cylinder (as you did it)
  • Tesselate this cylinder (ensure that the tesselation has only the deviation that you expect)
  • Call: Operations->Mesh->Other->Replace Region
    • Choose 'Keep destination mesh in overlapping areas'

To achieve a watertight mesh you have to close the missing holes afterwards.

One further hint: If the mesh areas are still separated from each other, you have to create first some bridges before you can apply the hole filling.

Hope this helps?!



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