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How to measure the thickness of a piece of plastic


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Hello everybody!

I have to measure the thickness of a plastic tank, what would be the best way to do it?
I have tried in two ways:

1.I scan the entire tank at once and polygonize. Then I give the option "material thickness".


2.I scan the tank in two parts (top and bottom) with "new measurement series". And the one with "Transform by Common Reference Points" with its corresponding deviation.




Between one measurement and another, I have a difference in thickness.

What would be the best way (or the correct way) to make this measurement?


thanks to all!




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I guess the tank will deform when turning it, right?

I'd try to scan it in 1 measuring series in an upright position (is it stiff?), without touching and moving the part.

When you transform two measurement series, make sure to use at least 5-7 common reference points,

otherwise the result will be very unstable and show more deviation that the part got. 

I guess when you turn turn it around you will measure bending and not material thickness.


Best regards,

Jens Heidler

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Thanks for your answer, yes the material is rigid.

When I join the two parts with the reference points, I put all the possible points (I select 3 points manually in the piece, and the rest automatically with the program) and then I eliminate the ones with the greatest deviation.

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