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Regular Expressions in visibile project template.


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This code snipped here shows the visible project templates.

import gom

visible_templates = gom.interactive.sys.get_visible_project_templates ( 
    config_levels = ['shared'],
    regex_filters = [])


It also includedes "regex_filters". Usually regex means regular expressions, so i assume it does mean the same here.

I am used to use regular expressions the following way:

text = "abcdefg, hans, peter , 90903 "
searchpattern = re.compile(r"\d{4}[3]")
matches = searchpattern.finditer(text)
for match in matches:
    print("project number", match[0])

How to use the regexfilters in gom? are there any differences to normal regex? can i also just enter a string there?

And how to show my regex-matches? 


Many thanks in advance,




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