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Extracting scalar abbreviation from dimensions and deviation labels.


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I am trying to extract the scalar abbreviation from Inspection elements, mainly dimensions and deviation labels. 
See image below: 


So from top to bottom, I would expect: 

L, max(L), max(L), max(L), max(L), max, max, max, max. 

For most elements, when I use the reference 'scalar_type_abbreviation', it is not the same abbreviation as in the explorer. For example, the call I use, for a cylinder: 

print(gom.app.project.inspection['A07_OUTER DIAMETER Copy 1.Ø'].scalar_type_abbreviation) 

Returns D. 

Is there a way to return the abbreviation?
I would prefer not to extract the value from the name, since the name can be edited, and I am trying to align names across projects. 


Thank you,

Best regards 


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