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Aramis random errors during calibration/tests.


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Dear users,
For some time we are facing a strange problem with our sensor/system. Sometimes (there is no rule) we randomly catch the following error in the Aramis software:

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Our specs are:

Software: Aramis 2016
Sensor: Aramis 12M

I have attached some photos from the lab. If somebody wishes, I can make more.

This error shows during calibration and tests, unfortunately. We are losing samples and time. This is very frustrating. We were seeking a solution (with service also) by reinstalling drivers, changing wires etc. Nothing helped. It happens with "auto exposure time" switched off also. During the test session, it is especially bad because we don't know the sensor accidentally stopped. Everything seems to be OK but when the test is finished we see that system is crashed and only the beginning was registered... Result and specimens become to be rubbish.

We don't know what to do with this. This is an expensive measuring system and unfortunately we can not afford to simply buy a brand new sensor. I have decided to write on the forum. Maybe someone had this problem and can help our team?

I am counting on your kind help.
Best regards,





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Hi Marcin, 

This topic can't be discussed so easily in this forum. It seems that this problem is occurring because of a hardware issue.   

Please contact your local GOM Partner for further support.

Greetings, Ivan

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Hi Ivan,
I was expecting this kind of answer. We've been trying to solve this with our local service, of course. But the solution hasn't been found. I fact we are stuck now and don't know what to do next. I just want to know whether someone from the world had a similar problem. It's worth trying, isn't it? If this post wouldn't help I would know I've done everything I could.

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