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Silhouette incontiunity error on CAD data


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I tried to constuct a silhouette on nominal data and encountered the error shown in the images attached.

I selected everything through surface, but the result was this. It's not the first time I bump into this problem. Is it a software error or am I doing something wrong?


Thanks for your help!


László Csávás


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Hello László ,

please try to adjust the triangulation parameters of the CAD (select it in the explorer and open properties on the right -> triangulation parameters). Try surface tolerance 0.001 mm and max. edge length something like 0.5 mm or even finer. If this doesn't work please contact your local distributor with the data you are using. 

Is a single section an alternative in this case? 



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Hi László,

One more hint: please select entire patches.
We prevent mesh edges that are on the selection boundary to be on the silhouette, to be able to do this kind of inspections (image from Direct Help):


A workaround if on actual this is not desired / can not be avoided, is to create a patch compound + fitting surface and create the silhouette with select all points.
But keep in mind that then the selection might define the silhouette.

Hope this helps,



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