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Problem with focus


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I have a problem focusing the lens.


I have the ARAMIS 6M adjustable base and I want to use the TITANAR 100mm lens with 75mm ring and calibration plate of 15mm X 12mm.


measurement volume of 17mm * 14mm => measurement distance 403mm, slider distance 140mm but I did not respect the clear width of 200 mm because it is not possible to obtain 403mm of measurement distance and 200mm of clear width .


Can you help me ? Please



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Hi Sébastien,

the content of those tables are just a tip to receive the MV with your hardware. Especially the fine adjustments can be differed to the values of this table.  

If you can configure your sensor and calibrated afterwards without an failure message from the SW, than you can work with the setup even if your values differ from the table.

I hope this helps.

Greetings, Ivan

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