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Accuracy Details of GOM ATOS 5


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Hello experts

I have a query about particular accuracy of GOM ATOS 5 Industrial Scanner .

I tried to look everywhere on the GOM websites & other suppliers website but was unable to find the needed reference for the ATOS 5 accuracy details .

I was hoping someone from GOM team  (

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could provide me with this information :

I am having 3 MV (Measuring volume lenses ) of size as follows :

  • MV 170
  • MV 320
  • MV 700

Would like to know the accuracy of the whole ATOS 5 scanner in relation with mentioned measuring volumes 

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Hello Mr. Khan,

you should have received one GAT document for each of you measuring volumes which include the limit values.

As the accuracy depends on a lot of factors (temperature, calibration, surface, lighting, reflections, angle, contrast...) there is no value we could share.

Another idea would be to measure the same part in same fixture 10,20,... times and evaluate how deviations of your inspection plan change.

Best regards,

Jens Braun

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