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Auxiliary CAD Lines CALYPSO vs GOM


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Hi everyone.

Nowadays I'm replicating a CALYPSO Program in GOM, and these CAD yellow lines are necessary to create Sections, Surfaces, Etc...

Is any option to show these lines in GOM?




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Hello Mr. Carro,

when you import they is just the cad body, right?

No pmi, sections,... ?

Normally those sections are created within CAD software and then exported via PMI to be used in other sw.

Do you have any background information how the CAD was created and if those sections were included?

What program was used to construct cad?

Best regards,

Jens Braun

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Hello Jens.

In this case i used the same CAD file as Calypso (.sat).
Those sections are included in the CAD, you can import it to calypso and activate o disactivate it.

And i used this import configuration(see image).


2023-03-01 16_42_23-GOMSoftware.png

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