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strain direction data export via python script


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I have analogous python scripts to export minor/major strain direction data from GOM Correlate. 
The scripts work perfectly on a project with only one surface component, and where all strain data is computed at all stages of deformation.

My projects have several surface components, and at some stages, the strain data does not compute at all points. 
The scripts do not specify which surface component I wish to export. Also, the scripts are not written to handle surface components where strain data goes missing at certain points at certain stages. I have attached the error message.

I would very much appreciate if someone could advise/help to modify these scripts.

Thank you,





export_minor_strain_directions.py export_major_strain_directions.py

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Hi Anna, 

just scrolling through the forum, but hope it isn't too late. Anyways several thoughts here:

  • you can iterate over all components or just combine them to one surface component region and just use this one element for export
  • you can also use the "data arrays" (numpy arrays) to access all values of all stages and don't have to iterate and show all active ones (huge performance increase!)
    • in the data arrays uncomputed values already have a "none" value but you should also use a proper "Try - except" to write correct export strings (but should work out of the box if I remember correctly)

Hope this helps. 

Best regards,


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