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Mismatch with calibration position on ATOS Professional 2016


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Just updated a program on ATOS Professional 2016, ran it through Kiosk and it triggers the calibration program which then gives me an error code MSensorCal-0214. When checking the 2nd position on the calibration measurement series in ATOS Professional 2016 it provides the information of 'Invalid calibration object position'.

Not sure if I can adjust the camera position or I need to reinstall the calibration series again? And if I am meant to adjust the camera position what I am aiming for position wise.

Another program we have runs through the calibration series all ok and is ok in Kiosk, but has a different position when compared with the errored calibration as the 2nd position in calibration series.



Calibraton Kiosk Error.jpg

Calibration Error.jpg

Good Calibration.jpg

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