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Thickness reduction with script


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Dear Users,

We want to determine thickness reduction along section for a tensile test specimen inside a script. We started off with something simple, so instead of section we tried this out for a point component. Therefore, we have defined user element 'Point 1' and tried to get thickness reduction in that point (see the attached image). We were able to get the coordinates of the point with the following command:

pz = gom.app.project.actual_elements[ ' Point 1 'J]. coordinate
print('pz.z = ',pz.z)
gives us the z coordinate of the point

but if we use the same logic for the thickness reduction, we get the error. 

pz = gom.app.project.actual_elements[ ' Point 1 ']. thickness_reduction

Error in line 13: The object "Point 1" has no attribute "thickness _ reduction" .

Any suggestions?



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