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Stitching - CT scanning a 300mm long part


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We have a special request to scan a 5mm diameter metal tube that is 300mm tall.

I was told you could move the part in Z only and stitch things. Is this done in one scan or are they separate scans?  Is there instructions, training, or a guide on this?

Thank you!

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Hello Tim,

the procedure for measuring a long part is as follows

  1. First you measure the part with several scans
  2. Between the individual scans, you only move the Z axis in such a way that you have a small overlap (approximately 10%) with the previous measurement
  3. Polygonize each volume individually
  4. Now there are several meshes in the project that need to be combined
  5. First select all meshes in the explorer, that you want to stitch
  6. Open the function: Operations -> Mesh -> Other -> Stitch
  7. Select all Points in the 3D view and click OK.
  8. You may have to adjust the parameter "Max gaps between meshes" and "Max length of new edges" to get a good result. However, the mesh quality in the transition area is always lower compared to rest of the mesh. There may be holes or a slightly rougher surface.

 There is currently no training on this topic.

With best regards,
Kevin Aschoff

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Thanks for the reply. I played around with this and noticed what you mentioned in step 8. I understand this is pushing the limits and was not looking for perfection, this helped alot, thanks.

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