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I have set up a new table template to output data in a set way for an external macro we use. The table is set up as follows: 


In order to create this table I have taken the pre-set "Elements" template and adapted/added columns. Each feature has only a dN check applied to it as We only need the X, Y, Z, I, J, K from the feature. 

1. I can't change the name in the Column called "N.D". I would like it to say "Comment" as each point has a comment attached to it. 

2. When I export the data I get the following: 


Any help on fixing the issue. Or a better way to achieve what I am after would be greatly appreciated. 

Kind Regards


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Hello Kristian,

the Column header name can be edited in the edit mode and a right click on the header. Please check if the exported .csv has the right values if opened with Windows' text editor for example. Excel converts some values to strange formats sometimes. Otherwise please contact your local support.


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Hello Nanno, 

Thank you for the reply. For some reason it won't let me right click on the .N.D header to change. 

I'm not sure if I'm getting the issue because I edited the locked "elements" template. Whenever I use a different template it works fine however they don't generate a list correctly. For example it will list 

Point 1.x

Point 1.y

Point 1.z 

and so on. When I need it go horizontal. 

I will get in contact with our local team and see if they can help or if there is an issue with output.

Many Thanks again. 


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