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Software cross compatibility


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In our company we have several 3D scanning units and different teams have different versions of the GOM inspect software. I installed the 2020 version not too long ago and now when I scan parts and send it to my coworkers the ones with older versions of the software can't open the file which is absolutely annoying and inconvenient. Does anybody know a way to fix this issue other than me deleting my 2020 version and download 2018 version of the program!? 

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Hello Arash,

in 2006 (software version 6.0.0!!!) we already formulated a software request to GOM to integrate a "Save as [former version]..." functionality which allows the user to save a project at least in the previous version. Unfortunately, GOM seems to have no interest in such a user-friendly software function.

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To have a "save as in former version" or downgrade a project into a former version is not possible.
As logical reason for not being able to open a project in a former software version is that the 
GOM Software provides in more current versions new functionalities as well as optimized calculations e.g. for measurements. 
These were not compatible to former software versions.
I guess there would be no good solution to principally downgrade a projects in a preferred manner e.g. by deleting/deactivating those improvements: 
As consequence related dependencies and the parametric would come along with failures (Inspection, Measurements, Reporting, Templates, Packages etc.). 
And downgrading might even end up in bad consequences for the integrity of a project itself.

An option I can offer is that your coworker uses the 2020 Version e.g. at least the free version of the GOM Software.
Projects from 2018 can be opened in 2020 in a legacy mode, too.
So your co-worker might even benefit from the 2020 cp. to 2018.
I assume you are already aware of this, just mentioned for the sake of completeness.  

Note, when opening a legacy project in an more current version 
the software will give a notice about different versioning when pressing the save button.

I hope this clarifies a little.
BR Christine

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