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Correlate FEA import - disabled stages


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Hello, I'm working with the FEA import package in Correlate Pro 2022 and I'm trying to synchronize the first stage of FEA simulation to stage 51 in my project (synchronized with each stage thereafter for 200 stages).  Is there any way to do this without deleting stages 1-50? 

My Correlate files for this project each have 50 stages at the beginning that are not relevant to FEA, but that are relevant to other aspects of my project analysis.  I tried multiple ways to import the FEA without deleting those initial stages, but none of these attempts were successful:

  • Created and opened a stage range beginning at stage 51, ran import script as "stage-by-stage" while viewing first stage in stage range.
    • Result: the script closed the stage range and returned to stage 1 to begin importing there.
  • Disabled initial 50 stages, ran import script (stage-by-stage)
    • Result: the script was somehow still operating on the disabled stages as it processed the imports. Stage 51 ended up with FEA data that was supposed to be in stage 101, etc.
  • Ran import script with synchronization "Manually" while stages 1-50 were still disabled
    • Result: Error occurs when trying to update the first stage field (adding any character here points to a disabled stage)
  • Re-enabled stages 1-50, ran import script with synchronization "Manually" 
    • Result: the table window size grows as each file is assigned to a stage. This exceeds my screen size before I'm able to assign all of my 200 files to stages. Also it's tedious. Something like a stage++ checkbox here would be nice!
    • Recorded this operation as a script to see if I could expand this to 200 files programmatically, but only the main FEA Import function call is recorded. 


  • Saved a copy of my test file and deleted stages 1-50, ran import script as "stage-by-stage"
    • Result: success! But really wish I had those stages back. 

Am I missing a workflow option that would allow for my 200-stage FEA result to be imported starting at stage N, where N>1? 

If this functionality doesn't exist yet, I would love to see it implemented using the stage range option! 

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