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Custom polygonisation and export for multipart project


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I would like to have automatic polygonisation and g3d export for multipart project in a given folder.

Already have a script which automatically do it for single part projects. How can I change it to work with multipart projects too?

Attached part of the script which is integrated in a loop.


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this task is not so easy. I try to give you some explanations why:

First of all, in the moment we have three different types of multipart projects and your script solution has to consider which kind of multipart project you are dealing with and have to apply an own solution for each of them.

Second, you have to specify how your point selection must be adapted for each polygonization. We have common measurement lists and for the polygonization you have to specify which portions of your measurement lists must be selected. For one part this is quite easy: "Select all" but for multiple parts the selection is much more complex and it depends a lot how you have setup your project.

If you have solved all of these problems you have to iterate over your parts (sometimes in the right order depending on your multipart project) and apply the correct point selection/visibility for each polygonization and export each polygonization to a different file.

To conclude: from my point of view you need concrete support on your project and the Forum is unfortunately not the right place to give you detailed advise on these topics.



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