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Advanced selection - how to do it ?


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HI all, i wish i may write it in easy way because its quite complicated thing - like for me. 

I have this part and my client wants to see the deviation on cylinder

Because  do not have model i have tried to make cylinder by manual selecting and show him graphics of cylindricity but its hard to select only outside diameter without radii around it. And my cylindricity was about 0.25~0.3 So color deviation representation was not much usefull. 

Here with sections i have 0,05 and with color deviation representation i can this can show me how much wear is on diameter - i can see what there is less use on lower part, this was not visible with cylindricity ~0.3 

But my selection is making errors in my report because now color deviation representation shows what some radius around my diameter are larger than other but i cannot be sure of it

Because of selecting manualy, too much it causes my cylidricity to grow - and this causes my color deviation representation to loose exact informations - lilke it was when i make first cylinders with cylindricity around 0.3  

So i need to perfectly same selection shape for each part of my cylinder, and need them to be perfectly oriented around my datum system. 

How to do it ? 

or is any easier method ?




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Hello Damian,

there are many selection tools in the menu under Edit -> selection in 3D. Maybe selection inside geometry contour will help in this case?

You could create four point-direction Cylinders for example, which are then used for the selection. 


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I understand that you are having some trouble with creating a cylinder selection in GOM inspection software in your laptop. You have tried to do this manually, but it is difficult to select only the outside diameter without the radii around it. This is causing your cylindricity to be too high, and the color deviation representation is not very useful.

Here are some tips for creating a perfect cylinder selection in GOM inspection software:

  1. Use the "Create Cylinder" tool. This tool will automatically create a cylinder selection based on the points that you select.
  2. Make sure that the points that you select are evenly spaced around the circumference of the cylinder. This will help to ensure that the cylinder selection is perfect.
  3. Use the "Radius" tool to adjust the radius of the cylinder selection. This can be helpful if the cylinder is not perfectly round.
  4. Use the "Offset" tool to adjust the offset of the cylinder selection. This can be helpful if the cylinder is not perfectly centered.

Once you have created a perfect cylinder selection, you can use the color deviation representation to see how much wear is on the diameter. This can be helpful for troubleshooting and quality control.

I hope these tips help you to create perfect cylinder selections in GOM inspection software.

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