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Problem with licence


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hallo everyone,

i have installed GOM Correlate 2020, and registered to GOM. But when i want to start a new project, it keeps telling me Command not executable.

it's like this:


When i want to frei licence install, it pops out like this:


And then i followed this instruction, but it didn't work out. There is no "Akutualisieren"...like this:


When i "Analysieren" clicked, nothing happened...

Do you have any idea to this problem? I really need this  help.


Thank you anyway!




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Hello Zhou,

it seems, you found a bug in the check system routine. Unfortunately we just created the SW2020 HF5 release which is expected to be the last one for the GOM Software 2020.

To fix your problem, you may start the CodeMeter runtime installer manually. It is located in the 3rdparty folder of the GOM Software:
%PROGRAM FILES%\GOM\2020\3rdparty\CodeMeterRuntime.exe

It is important to install the runtime for all users of the computer. You will be prompted to give admin rights during installation.
Leave all other options unchanged.

After installing the CodeMeter runtime, GOM Correlate will receive a free license automatically.

Best regards

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I hope you all are right.

I have a problem with login in the gom correlate 2D software. I tried to login in the software but the login window did not appear. What should I do please? 



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If you want to create new projects please try the current Zeiss Quality Suite containing GOM Software 2022. Without purchased license GOM software 2020 is available as viewer only. 

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