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GOM user defined plots with external logic


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Following is background on what I am trying to achieve:

  1. Fitted CAD to an GOM surface and create 6DOF between a reference coordinate system and the CAD coordinate system. This gives the Absolute Intrinsic YXZ-Euler angles for the rotation.
  2. I can convert this angle using scipy.spatial.transform.Rotation to a different Euler angle, say Extrinsic-zxy.
  3. I would then like to use the "user defined check" to create a diagram within GOM, which I can export and/or create a report page.

I am having issues with Step 3. Create the user defined check with a data type that is not native to GOM, such as "lists, ndarrays, and dataframes".

Following is my current work flow:

  1. Export the Intrinsic YXZ-Euler angles from GOM and use external python interpreter to convert/save data.
  2. Export the images/videos from GOM.
  3. Create report with exported/converted data, separate from GOM.

The current work flow is tedious and requires a lot of scripting to get automated. Is there a way to directly create a custom diagram with external "logic and data types" so it can be directly imported into the reports tab?



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GOM软件里可以装外部的包,比如SCIPY。在菜单,脚本语言,tools,install python package ,不需要导出到外部解释器。如果不调用GOM的功能,你甚至可以用子线程在后台算。

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GOM软件里可以装外部的包。在菜单,脚本语言,tools,install python package ,不需要导出到外部解释器。如果不调用GOM的功能,你甚至可以用子线程在后台算。




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Hi John,

well, I think the best solution would be to get a rotation order parameter for rotation checks, but there seems to be not that much requests for such a feature yet.

On the other hand you can create python based value elements as User-defined Elements. There is still a bug which doesn't trigger an automatic update on any project change and the value element doesn't behave like a real check (it must be checked itself for it's value, it is not linked to the Local Coordinate System element, ...) but the data is generated/plotted/stored/edited in GOM Software anyway.

I will attach a package for such a rotation check (against global coordinate system always) for GOM Software 2020 and later. Please have a look into the code and adapt it to your needs.


  • Drag&Drop the attached *.package file in your GOM Software (2020 and later)
  • Construct a Local Coordinate System
  • Run the package-script: SCRIPTING -> Script Choice -> Rotation Check
  • This will create a Value Element
  • Check this Value Element with the package-UDC: Value

BTW: F4/"Edit Creation Parameters" is enabled on the Value Element as on any other element type in GOM Software.


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