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Hi, I can no longer access connect.gom.com. It says
'Selected user account does not exist in tenant 'Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology GmbH' and cannot access the application 'https://connect.gom.com/...'
before logging in it says I have to be a GOM / Zeiss employee or a distributor?  Is there another way I can access these documents (& Others??). You guys have removed SO much valuable information its really unfortunate. The GOM wiki had SO many technical articles(it was great!).  Then came the zeiss portal & 90% of the gom wiki / those documents were removed, but we atleast had gom.connect, but now that's gone - i have to.....? contact my distributor if I want access to knowledge?  I really think this is the wrong path for zeiss to take. A lot of us in the GOM / Zeiss community are independent learners and enjoy digging deep into these things on our own.

Also, for alot of us, the FAQ and 'Tech Guide' do not work. This is because your searches are dependent upon what license you have and linked to your account.  At least for me, this was incorrectly configured for over 2 years before I found out & was made aware of it.  I would search for the most basic thing and it was like I was typing in a different language, even now you search for "User Defined Dialog" and the 1st thing that pops up is "Manually Defined Plus Inverted" ..... It just doesn't work!


Anyone else having this problem & want more access to knowledge base articles?

..or did I just forget my password...?🤦‍♂️😒


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Hi Devon, 

thanks for your question and feedback about our current documentation availability.

You're right, the page you're referring to is no longer available. We have moved the entire documentation including all articles into the Tech Guide. Here, we're constantly working on creating more content to make the access to knowledge even faster and easier. 
From your words I read, that we've not reached this goal so far, unfortunately. Anyhow, we are very thankful for feedback like yours to improve. 

Beginning of October, we will release a new Tech Guide version. In this, we have changed the data structure and the algorithms behind as well as the search algorithm, so you will be able to find all articles with much less effort. 

For now, I send you the direct link to the article you have been searching, please feel free to reach out to me if there's anything else I can do for you. 
ZEISS Quality Tech Guide (gom.com)

Kind regards

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As already mentioned the FAQ was migrated - most of the articles can be found in "older versions" in the Tech Guide.
Updating the articles is still ongiong.
To get to "older versions" FAQ you can switch inbetween different Software Versions on the top right corner of the Tech Guide.


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