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Request to construct a circle that can be used with MMC


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You all know how much I respect the GOM software...but I really could use this feature.

I need the ability to construct a circle from a line AND apply MMC to the constructed circle. I can supply a CAD model example later, but for now, let me try to explain.

If you have a line from an irregular feature of size you can construct a circle that is parametric. You do this by creating two end points of the line and the center(division point). Then you create a circle using the center point and using the end point as the radius value.....the vector direction isn't an issue as you use whatever features used to create the previous points.

Now, if you try and create a GDT linear size from this constructed circle it will error saying 'the scalar data is missing'


So my workaround was this....I created a 2d Geometric Curve from the Circle I created......then I created another Circle based on the Curve and I use a Fitting element to the circle.....THIS allowed me to apply a proper linear size GDT to this circle.


So I thought this would carryover to using this circle to applying MMC for a positional callout, but when I select MMC in the GDT callout it allows me to do it BUT it will not push the bonus calculation to the callout.


I thought I found a workaround, but it isn't working. We really need to be able to construct geometry and apply MMC. I can do this in the user defined checks, but the machinsts and managers don't understand the difference in outputs.



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Below is an rough idea of the part I'd like to be able to create a circle on. This is a torus like cut out inside a part. I've sectioned the part so you can see better.

The torus cutout in my real part is only 120 degrees, but here I'm showing 180 deg torus. Then there is a very small straight section in which I need to get the position of at MMC. I create a vector point on both sides to get the width.

I tried to create a circle from the midpoint of both vector points and using one side point as the radius point, but like I posted it doesn't allow this for MMC.

I convinced management to let me use the user defined checks to accomplish this so I'm good now, but it would be nice to be able to create a manual circle and apply the MMC to a positional check.

Allowing variables for the tolerance in user defined checks would help as well.




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