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Transform by common reference points failed. KIOSK mode error


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Hi there.

I'm trying to check 4 parts on 2 sides in multiple parts inspection mode. (I have a 3-axis movement, GOM inspect Pro, Atos Q 12m with lenses 100)

Over Workflow Assistant I built a program with Best Fit Transformation for 4 parts by both sides (not by References Points!) and checked it in Digitize mode my Scan 1 and Scan 2. I got a good results without error.

But in KIOSK mode it gives an error (see attachment). Following the recommendation I looked into the script.

From the first attachment 'transform_measurement_series 2' it become clear to me that 'transformation_method='common_reference_points' those are the common points that Best Fit Transformation will use.

From the second attachment 'transform_measurement_series 3' it become that transforms all digitize measurements into the the first the reference points from the base-plate ... ?!

How can I understand the script and find the cause of my KIOSK error?

Thank in advance

KIOSK Error Cannot identify transformation points.png

transform_measurement_series 2.png

transform_measurement_series 3.png

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This is currently not supported by Kiosk.

Kiosk always uses "by References Points" transformation to perform top/bottom measurement transformation.

I will register using "Best Fit Transformation" for top/bottom measurement transformation as a software request.

Your case ("Over Workflow Assistant I built a program ... for 4 parts") is covered by the first attached script excerpt (From the first attachment 'transform_measurement_series 2'...). You can patch (overwrite) this method in CustomPatches to use a different transformation method. Just exchanging the command parameter "transformation_method" should be sufficient.

The other script excerpt (From the second attachment 'transform_measurement_series 3'...) is for the single part case only.

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