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ZEISS Inspect 2023: how to specify a path to another script residing in different subfolder


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I have the following folder structure in my environment:



How can I access the file residing say in "Binary" folder from the "scripts" folder?

I've tried to use "./Binaries" and ":user_test_env/scripts/Binaries" which worked in COM 2022 but it does not work in ZEISS Inspect 2023.

Could someone tell me how should the correct path look like in ZEISS Inspect 2023 scripting?

Best Regards,


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Yes, there was a change and we are in the process of documenting that (see here). In short:

  • We need to straighten the separation of the various add-ons. Each add-on can carry its own python modules (*.whl files) and if two or more add-ons are combined into a common namespace, there will be conflicts. Like, for example, add-on #1 requiring 'numpy-1.24.1' while add-on #2 brings 'numpy-1.19.4'. So they are no longer mixed by default.
  • Instead, one can define in the add-ons metainfo.json if two or more add-ons are sharing their environments ! The that case, scripts from add-on #1 can call and access code and data in add-on #2.
  • This allows constructs like 'add-ons for add-ons' as a side effect. 
  • Another solution would be to pack library code which is used by multiple add-ons into a separate '*.whl' file and distribute that together with each single add-on. That way, each add-on can be self-contained.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We were running into conflicts increasingly with the old mixup concept and we had to fix that in the current version.

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