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Creating elements nightmare


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i need to connect two lines in one longer repeat it on another side and make symmetry line of this longer ones. 

i just made for lines lnm 21 2 (1-4) 

two lines lnm 21 3 1, made of 21 2 and 21 2 2. And the same is made lnm 21 3 2 

then i made W21 as symmetry of 21 3 (1 and 2 ) 

so i can use it for inspection 


But i cannot repeat this with lnm 24 i cannot make one line of 24 1 and 24 2 

just like i did it before 

why i cannot simply do one line of two ? 

and also i cannot repeat now the steps from creating this lnm 21 3 but i did it 

why this software is so nightmare sometimes this selection method are like cosmos for me. 

Its just so easy on CMM i just click two lines go to ok and its ready grrrrrrrrrrr i do not need one hour for it. 



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ok i have it:

to make one line of two i had to:

click on both lines with ctrl 

click on one of them with RPM and > restore point selection 

and just then go to construct > line > fitting line  and it works this way 

If i go to  construct > line > fitting line  first and then select its not working. 

This way of making things is not easy and simple 

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may be some words of explanation why it is implemented in the way you have experienced it:

  • The fitting of primitives e.g. a line is based on selected points in our software
  • Assume that one fitted line is based on 100 selected points and another line is based on 5 selected points
  • What would you assume if you create a fitting line based on these two lines?
    1. Would you assume that each line contributes to 50% to the overall line (a kind of geometrically averaging)?
    2. Or would you assume that the underlying selected points are the base input for the final resulting line?

From our point of view we can't judge if you would expect 1) or 2) and I guess both answers could be the "correct" solution depending on your application and what you like to determine!

Therefore you have to choose during the construction of your overall fitting line what is the native input data. Via 'Restore point selection' you are able to "reuse" the same point selection as for the single lines (this is from a technical point of view not totally correct if you are creating your fitting line in a different alignment than the two input lines).
Important side fact: You have to select all elements in common from which you want to use the point selection for your new element (this should be even possible if you have already opened the fitting element dialog!



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