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Detach Midpoint Extensometer from Midpoint after creation


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Hey everybody,


I want to define midpoint-defined extensometers in my analysis as they are easily automatable. However, I encounter some challenges. If, for example, I have a ductile material and the paint detaches in the area of the midpoint (example PP-Specimen), my extensometer no longer functions, even though the surface component at both ends of the extensometer is still 'intact.' Is there a way to use the midpoint only for the construction of the extensometer but then detach the extensometer from it?



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Hello Johann,

you can easily use any element as center position. 
For example you could create a fitting point from the whole section (in the reference stage) and use this fitting point as center for your extensometer. 
You can also use any nominal point. Or (as a hack to make the extensometer element independend and coordinate dependend) use the coordinates of any point by changing any value in "edit point" once and change it back to original (by using the mousewheel on any coordinate).
Or wait for the release of SW2023. 😉
Here the behavior is enhanced: the coordinates of any clicked points are used directly (no "hack" needed for any "clicked" point). But if you decide to use an element in the dependency, then this is kept. And the underlying element needs to be calculated too if the extensometer should be calculated.

Hope this helps. 



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