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1) Annotations 3D Experience/Catia model with MPI 2) How to create Datum System by Datum Target Points?


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Hi there.

I have the following equipment: GOM Inspection Pro software and ATOS Q 12M camera.

Please answer two interrelated questions for me:

1) How should GD&T requirements be set on the 3D Experience/Catia model with MPI for GOM Inspection Pro? Like an annotations it doesn't work (see attachment).

2) To check part to GD&T requirements I need to have a Datum System. Seven Datum Target Points are specified in the drawing, which belong to different planes.

How to create Datum System (or Local System) by Datum Target Points? (I try converting these points into elements as planes, lines. But I'm not sure if this method is corrected.)


Thank you.

3D Exp model MPI GOM Forum.png

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