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Measurement Function


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I am developing a script to where I can start the script it pauses X seconds then takes the first scan (pauses again X seconds) then I can rotate the part on a manual turntable then Scan again looping through the process (I know there are other solutions for this but I want to make a script for practice).  The problem that I have is with the measurement. I am using the section below for the measurement portion of the script.  If there is any movement the script just stops (example I get request Error: the movement is too high).  I would like it to rescan say if the part was still moving if my time was too short. Are there any functions or variables of this command that can be used to accomplish this?


I appreciate the help in advance. 


import gom


# loop for automatic measurement repetition




while True :


               gom.script.atos.insert_scan_measurement ()

        except RuntimeError as ex:

               if GOM_MMT_ERROR_CODES and not ex.args[0] in GOM_MMT_ERROR_CODES : raise

               GOM_MMT_RETRIES -= 1

               if GOM_MMT_RETRIES <= 0 : raise




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If I understand your question correctly, you want catch the movement exception.

This can be done with MPROJ-0036 - Check Movement.

Best regards,

Matthias Prinke

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