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Gom script functions as of version 2018


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attached are all the gom script functions as of version 2018 (versions higher than that use an external python version instead of goms custom gom_python)

Figure someone else might find these useful since there are a lot of script commands that arent easy to capture via "record" or not possible to record in the first place


you can get the docstrings for each command by adding "__doc__" after the command and printing it, for example, viewing the doctrings of gom.script.cad.adapt_element_to_cad would be-

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import gom


would result in



Im not sure what the "Tom::" types are, but maybe a German could explain that, Im assuming its some C++ type or something like that



gom.interactive.txt gom.script.txt

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