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Requirements for the optical marker. GOM Correlate 2D


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Hello all,

First of all I am glad that this forum exists.

I want to perform a 2D analysis (GOM Correlate) with respect to a distance. 
Also, the process is relatively fast, so I used a camera with around 240 fps. 

So let's move on to my question, what are the requirements for the optical marker.

I have some available here that are even self-reflecting (perhaps not GOM) whereas there are often problems detecting them. 

Thanks a lot!


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Hi Maximilian,

i suggest you are talking about the reference point markers. 

You need nearly ideal round markers. With a white inside circle and a black one on the outside. We need a ideal circle for a better tracking of the coordinate because we going to fit a ellipse where the gray value gradient has the highest value. Approximately the middle point of the ellipse is the coordinate you are tracking. 

The requirements of the markers are: 

  • ideal 10 pixels of the white area (inner circle)
  • good contrast between white and black (if self created) - also influenced by the illumination
    • can be self-reflecting if you use tracking spots and measurement with a higher measurement frequency 
  • other requirements based on the location you stick your points on. 
    • minimum 3 better 5 for a point component
    • not on curved or high deformation areas 
    • ...

I hope this helps. If you have further questions, feel free to ask.

Greetings, Ivan

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