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Workstation hardware recommendation - Nvidia NVLink support - Zeiss Metrotom 6 scout


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We are looking at building a secondary workstation for volume analysis. Looking at the current hardware there are 2 RTX 4000 GPU inside.

I've heard whispers that only one is used by the software (the secondary) and the first is for monitor and other 3D apps in windows. Is this correct or is NVLink completely supported?

Do we then benefit more from 2 smaller GPU's with pooled RAM vs one single GPU?

We are in doubt if multi GPU VRAM sharing could be beneficial to the application when rebuilding volumes, meshing and doing porosity analysis.

Would u have any concerns when we opt for a Ryzen Threadripper 7000 series processor (Ryzen Threadripper 7970X)and TRX50 motherboard combination. If trying to maximize performance per dollar this seems the way to go.

From which hardware does the software gets it's best scaling?

Do u have benchmarks with different processors, memory, GPU & GPU memory configurations available? Knowing that Zeiss/GOM is closely related to Dell I understand that preference goes to validating their systems. Different system configurations exist though and it's difficult making an assessment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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