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I would like to change the name of the saved files and exported PDF from a Scanbox system with Kiosk


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Hello all,


I am trying to modify the name of the project files and the exported PDF from that project. Right now it is jus the date and time that file was created. I would like to use some of the project keywords that the user enters in the Kiosk as well as the Date and Time. How would I do this? Is it native to the custom patch generator? I see a custom export on in that but it doesn't let me choose PDF.

Any help is appreciated.

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Hello Kyle,

you can edit the name in the custom patch. The keyword can be inserted into the script with F2 or RMB -> insert element value. The name can be constructed with python syntax.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import gom

keyword = gom.app.project.user_inspector
mesh_name = gom.app.project.actual_master

gom.script.report.export_pdf (
	file='C:/Users/USER/Documents/ZEISS_INSPECT_Sample_Data_2023' + keyword + mesh_name +'.pdf', 
	reports=[gom.app.project.reports['report 5']])


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Thank you for the reply Nanno. This is my first time with custom patches. Do I just place this anywhere in the custom patch script? Is this the custom patch under the Kiosk part of scripting?

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i found how to edit the CustomPatches python script. If i add this script into the CustomPatches script, will it save two PDFs? I was also looking to modify the script to save the project file with identifying information as well. Would i just copy the script from the KioskInterface>Evaluate script that saves the project and add it to this CustomPatches script.



This is what i found in the KioskInterface>Evaluate script


				gom.script.report.export_pdf (
					export_all_reports = True,
					file = os.path.join( export_path, project_name + '.pdf' ),
					jpeg_quality_in_percent = 100,
					reports = gom.app.project.reports )

	while True:
				gom.script.sys.save_project_as( file_name = os.path.join( export_path, project_name ) )
			except Exception as error:
				res = Globals.DIALOGS.show_errormsg(
					Globals.LOCALIZATION.msg_save_error_title, Globals.LOCALIZATION.msg_save_error_message,
					Globals.SETTINGS.SavePath, True )
				if res == True:

If I just ad my code to the CustomPatches with the extra Keywords in the join function, would that solve my problem?



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