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Creat surface component in a designated area


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Hello Gom team,

      Can I get the point gom.Vec2d (x, y) coordinate which seems is the pixel coordinate in image through a point coordinate (x,y,z) after surface component?  
      Or how to creat surface component in a designated area?



# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import gom
MCAD_ELEMENT=gom.script.deformation.create_surface_component (
    measurement_series=gom.app.project.measurement_series['变形 1'], 
    name='曲面成分 2', 
    selection_area=[{'polygon': [gom.Vec2d (934.2231753, 1022.1969), gom.Vec2d (1217.226795, 1025.086222), gom.Vec2d (1194.13959, 1183.882799), gom.Vec2d (942.8921008, 1157.924954)], 'select': True, 'type': 'polygon'}], 



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Hello Wang,

you can get the coordinates even after the creation of your surface for each point, if you export the surface component as a CSV file.

You can also create the surface component in a designated area. You can reach this goal with different selection tools such as selection inside cube. 

For further information you have to ask more precise.  

Greetings, Ivan

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Actually, I want to check the average strain of necking area in tension test automaticly. There are two problem.

First, the tension test evalution script cannot detect the crack area. So I need to creat the necking point manually.

Second, I want to test the average strain of necking area in 1*1mm. And normal facet and distance is 19*16 which the small triangle edge is quite large. 

Then I change to 19*6mm to meet the 1*1mm area. However, creation of the surface component is time consuming and the file is very large. So i want to creat surface component with 19*6mm in a small necking area automaticlly. With this method the file is small and don't need much time.

Is there a method to do this in script?

Thanks in advance.

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