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Gom Aramis: Startfacetten können nicht identifiziert werden


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Hello everyone,

I'm having an issue with GOM Aramis Professional 2017 and would be really grateful for any support. In Essence, I'm trying to create a surface component on a measurement from a GOM stereo camera system (I need to check the exact camera type, I don't have the system here, but I can get that information later if required), in order to measure the strain distribution (see pic_1.png).


The Problem is, that GOM does not find any starting facette, and the problems looks similar to the one here: 

I checked if I can create a single Facet point, but I cant, since GOM is telling me that the matching is ambiguous (see pic_2.png). Trying to solve the problem, I already tried with other specimen with a new speckle pattern, but it didnt work neither. I checked the focus, recalibrated the camera system, but both initiatives didnt help neither.

My question is: Does somebody have any idea, what the problem could be? How could I do further analysis, to find out what the problem is? What do the values in pic_2.png mean? I am not sure how I can interpret the values in pic_2.png.



I would be really grateful for any help / support! Thanks already in advance.

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