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How should the facet size be related to the facet distance ?


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Hello together,

The facets are used to track the material points during deformation.

The bigger the facets the easier to keep track of them, given optimum pattern quality.

The facet distance will affect the strain reference length (SRL) directly.

So far this is my understanding.

But how should the two be related for an optimal deformation analysis?

What would be the effect of choosing a facet size of 60 px and 5 px of facet distance (1) or the effect of choosing 16 px facet size but 60 px of distance (2) ?

How would the quality of the deformation analysis be different between (1) and (2) ?

Let's say for a target SRL my facet distance is 40 px then what should be the optimal choice of facet size (given that I can provide a pattern quality for any given facet size) ?



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