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Hello Dridi,

the forum is meant to help each other in the community, so answers are slower than over the official gom support channel or your distributor.

You can construct the points via construct -> point -> surface point and then chose "edit point" in the dropdown. Here you can enter the coordinates of the points. Afterwards, it might be necessary to chose operations -> elements -> adapt element to CAD (position and normal). This is covered in our basic training by the way, so maybe you want to have a look at training.gom.com





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Hi Dridi,

to me this does not look like a surface profile which is based on points. The drawing tells me that somebody is interested in the point deviation values for the values that are not inside a box. The surface profile is a completely different story. It is based on full surfaces and therefore patches have to be selected to inspect the profile.

Unfortunately the drawing excerpt is not really clear which surfaces to use. Maybe there is another view which clarifies it a bit more?

From my opinion the following things have to clarified first:

1) Which surfaces have to be used for the profile.?

2) If the requesting person really (where I'm not really sure about, because you loose information) wants to limit the surface profile to the points information, this is possible by using deviation pickers on the corresponding surface profile which are based on the point locations.

Hope this helps to get a bit further.

Best regards


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