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Zeiss Inspect, Mesh Does Not Match Preliminary Mesh/ Measuring Data.


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We scanned a large object using our T-Scan Hawk 2, when it came time to inspect the surface data our results seemed further out than we expected. After looking into our scan to look for any potential issues (Before hassling the manufacturing team).
We found the two surfaces actually have a gap. From Preliminary Mesh (Red) based on Measuring Data, to our Polygonised Mesh (Grey). 

As I mentioned above we are hoping this is something we can sort out on our end. Has anyone seen this before or have and ideas of what we should look for? 

At this point we have tried adjusting the polygonising settings (more detail, standard, less detail, etc.) and played with postprocessing just throwing mud at the wall so far nothing stuck.

Your help is appreciated.


Screenshot 2024-07-08 120457.png

Screenshot 2024-07-08 120537.png

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